Idea Validation

Got the best idea ever? Fab! But before we all run with it, let’s just check in with some folks to see if they agree. Can we find people who want to use it? Does it align with what you want to do as a business? What are the risks? How much will it cost to build, and run, and will it be self-supporting? We answer these questions, and more in our validation service. According to Standish Group’s Annual CHAOS 2020 report, 66% of technology projects fail. Let’s do what we can to be the other 34%.

Product Review

Sometimes you just want a fresh pair of eyes on it, don’t you? If you’ve lost a bit of your oomph on your product then let us take a look. We’ll look at your business, your product, its users, the experience, your revenue, and see how it all stacks up. We’ll report back and make some achievable solutions to implement. We’ll even offer to implement them (if you want us to), but reports for your incumbent team is something we’re happy to provide.

Product Development

We’ve got the design talent and engineering team to back up our strategic talk. Our people care about your business goals, and your users’ goals. We think big, build small, and release often, always keeping your outcomes in mind. Backed up by a pragmatic management team, we fit in to your development cycle however suits. We can set it up for you, we implement, and we can act as extensions to your team as necessary.

Product Migration

Unless you’re fabulously lucky, this shiny new product of yours will replace a tired and old one. But does the idea of turning off the incumbent send you into a rocketing spiral of crippling anxiety? Don’t panic by stockpiling new functionality in to the product before the release. Let’s get you over the line. We design your release plan, migrate your data, get your team on board, and help you with a phased transition in a measured, sensible and pragmatic way.

Product as Usual

We’ve got a saying at Spork. “We don’t dev n ditch!”. And by that, we mean the hard work doesn’t stop just because your product is launched. It’s a weird concept, isn’t it, the thought of something digital degrading over time? Cars go rusty in the rain, but there’s no weather on the internet! The thing is, whilst your product might be a snapshot of code, everything swirls around it in realtime. Things like data changes, user device updates, security risks, and 3rd party software upgrades. We need to stay on top of those things that otherwise could slow your growth down.

Product Buy in

Digital transformation is a culture change as much as it is a piece of technical implementation. You need your team on board. All of them. We offer training sessions run by behavioural change consultants to help with your transition, aligning departments across your business, ensuring your endeavours are a resounding success.

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