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Seminal ideas from the world’s greatest architects

The context

Pidgeon Digital is a subscription based site where universities allow their students to access a massive archive of rare digitised talks by architects going right back to the 1950s.

With declining traffic, huge bounce rate, and a site built on a legacy Content Management System, they wanted us to completely build the application from the ground up, to improve their dated user interface and make it mobile friendly.

The Challenge

Data migration needn’t be rocket science but this was a site that was originally built when the web was a different place. We had to come up with a UI which was driven by their really engaging content, but content that was digitised before the days of retina screens. This site was originally built when the BBC still had their’s at 768 pixels wide.

With most content in image or MP3 format there was little in the way of data to link or categorise content for a better search experience – something crucial to a site like this.

What we did

With a user interface prototype built within a few days we set about how to get the best out of the rich content that we had. By running the MP3s and image through a recognition software, we were able to convert media into searchable text to improve the experience and user engagement on the site.

We doubled the amount of users spending 30 minutes or more on the site.

They Said

The relationship with Spork was excellent from the start. They were able to deal with the creative aspects and technical demands alike, producing a visually engaging application to subscribers all over the globe. The experience has been extremely good. We have enjoyed working in partnership with Spork and will continue to do so, driving the business into the future.

Lucian Palmer, Director

Technologies & Integrations

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