Land Explorer

Mapping tools that help communities grow

The brief

With a proof of concept under its belt, Shared Assets asked Spork to build a best-in-class mapping and discovery tool for communities needing information about land in the U.K.

The challenge

There’s a lot of information about land, generally, but in a plethora of places and rarely brought together as project required. We set about looking at a LOT of data-sets.

What we did

Using Mapbox as a tile server, and the Ordnance Survey API to supply the map itself, we grabbed a variety of data, in a variety of formats from a variety of sources. The application displays soil type, historic flood data, land classification, green/brown field, areas of special scientific interest and protected areas of anywhere in the UK.

We created drawing tools to measure land and draw plans so that users could save and share with each other their ideas.

The result

Some blood and sweat went in to this project, and every library we used required reverse engineering to get it running nicely.

Spork are really excited to see how this app is used by the community. In fact, one of our developers even used it to measure out land in Yorkshire to check that a marquee would fit for his sister’s wedding.

So we’re hoping it’ll be useful to a lot of people for a variety of reasons, and look forward to working on it more with Shared Assets.

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Technologies & Integrations

They Said

Spork are great to work with. From understanding our requirements to getting things done, I’d highly recommend this team. Land Explorer was a complex project, with lots of moving parts, APIs, multiple 3rd party integrations and several large databases to migrate. Spork handled it seamlessly and the end result is a great looking, elegant application. A very happy customer, thanks!

Julian Thompson - Digital Coordinator

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