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The brief

HelloSelf is the UK’s leading online therapy and life coaching service. Conveniently, it was introduced to Spork as it was looking for an experienced team to build its MVP.

Like similar products in the GP appointment space (such as PushDoctor and Babylon), HelloSelf was keen to take the model over to the psychotherapist side. Crucially, however, it wanted to add value to the product by allowing users to track their emotions over time. Then they could observe the efficacy of their treatment brought.

The Challenge

HelloSelf was adamant that the product would be built to scale from the ground up, using an enterprise level tech stack, and encryption to boot. It wanted a platform on which they could iterate quickly, based on feedback and analytical data on the product

What we did

Spork helped design and then built a custom product upon on Amazon Web Services, using Cognito for login, registration and user management. This authentication gateway sits in front of Lamba serverless functions, each running on 4 separate microservices, allowing user data to be anonymous and secure.

In the front end, Spork used React.js to build two separate applications, one for patients, and the other for the therapists both of which integrated the backend application.

Spork integrated TokBox for video conferencing, and Calendy for the appointment booking.

The Result

HelloSelf have a feature rich MVP on which their new internal tech team can build upon. Spork and HelloSelf have forged an excellent working relationship and we look forward to working with them more on their upcoming and exciting development leaps.

Technologies & Integrations

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