Connecting parents by their shared experiences in raising children.

The Brief

BeMum’s founder, Becky, approached Spork with the original brief: “to use technology to support mothers that wish to breast feed”. The UK has the lowest level of breastfeeding in Western countries.

The Challenge

We quickly realised that there was much potential around the idea, and that mothers (and fathers) needed support in all areas of parenthood.

We believed in the idea so much, and we actually became part of the BeMum company.

A round of investment and 3 months development later, a proof concept launched in the app store in 2017.

Mothers and fathers can connect with each other via their location, or via the experiences they share through parenthood.

What we did

We created the UI and built an iOS app with supporting API. The platform includes geo-location, Facebook login, user matching and a custom built chat software.

Technologies & Integrations

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