Apollo Strings

Fixing a sonata of strings ensembles.

The Brief

When Apollo Strings came in for a coffee, it quickly became apparent they were drowning in an administrative cacophony.

With 300 classical string players on their books, and 10 ensembles booked each weekend during the UK wedding season, it was a company that had its hands full conducting its affairs.

The Challenge

We set out thinking about how we automate as much as we could think of. There was the low hanging fruit, such as automatic contract generation, payment and using Google Maps to workout travel costs on the fly, but the more we delved the more we could help. Players are fixed automatically, invoices generated as required and clients are reminded to pay up in time.

What we did

A front end that is built in WordPress is hooked up to a custom Java based booking system that handles contract generation and approval and an area for players to see their upcoming gigs.

They Said

Spork created bespoke software for my site that has made such a difference to my working life, as well as my booking rates. They're a friendly, professional team who always go out of their way to understand exactly what I want. I can't recommend them highly enough and will continue to use them until I retire!

Clementine Westwood, Owner

Technologies & Integrations

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